Student Ministry

Student Ministry

Our Mission

Our mission is  “To lead the CHURCH and FAMILIES in working together to disciple students.” 

We are passionate about seeing teenagers come to know and love Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.  Through programs, relationships, retreats, and trips we seek to engage kids about Christ.  Thus, we work with parents, families, volunteers, and the whole church to create a network of relationships and programs to mature our teens and teach them about Christ.


  1. Relational discipleship. While youth group activities can be fun, and clear Bible teaching is essential, the core emphasis of youth group is to develop relationships that lead students to Christ and to deeper commitments to reflect the glory of God. The primary structures and events of the youth ministry should be designed around developing these relationships, including equipping volunteers to 1) engage with and meet students as they are, 2) build trust over time, 3) model the Christian faith in all areas of life, 4) introduce students to Jesus, and 5) cultivate a transformed life in which students’ identities rest solely in their dependence on Christ and their words, thoughts, and deeds are shaped by this identity.
  2. Targeted ministry. Senior high students have different needs than middle school students.  Female students have different needs than male students. Students in public school have different needs than students who are home-schooled. Youth ministry should be designed in such a way that the needs of each student are recognized and addressed.
  3. Engaging teaching. Teaching should engage students in thinking through the implications of the Christian worldview for their lives. How does Jesus speak to the situations and problems with which students are currently struggling?  How should they engage with the messages they are getting from their surrounding culture? The ministry should convey that the Lordship of Jesus pervades all areas of life; this means that all youth group events and activities should be viewed as opportunities to model and reflect on what it means to follow Jesus.
  4. Leadership development. As students grow in their faith, the ministry should provide opportunities for them to exercise leadership and take ownership over aspects of the youth group, including potentially teaching within youth group. When they graduate, they should be looking for opportunities not only to join a college or church ministry, but to minister to others, to share their faith with their peers, and to serve their neighbors.
  5. Youth as an extension of Compass. Students should recognize that as members of the youth group, they are included in the Compass Church community.  There should be regular opportunities for youth to be engaged in ministries, service projects, or classes alongside adults.  The youth program should also equip and support parents in leading their teen children

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Summer Trip Options

As you think about summer plans, please consider these trips available to students through Compass’ Student Ministry.

Colorado Backpacking Adventure:

  1. July 5 – 10, 2021
  2. Cost: $175
  3. Steve Johnson and Marshall Robb will lead this trip to Colorado. We will backpack in a wilderness area for 4 days and then attempt a mountain summit on the last part of the adventure. Physical fitness is required for this trip, so we will have group hikes in the coming months to train for this trip. This trip is for High School students (grades 9-12).

Middle School Day Camp:

  1. July 28 – 30, 2021
  2. Cost: $75
  3. We will go on daily adventures around Columbia – like Midway Golf & Games, SkyZone, serve at a local ministry, and then on Friday we will go to Six Flags in St. Louis for the day. This will be a great way to get to know other students and learn about Compass Student Ministry! This camp is open to Middle School students (grades 6-8).

Colorado Ranch Adventure:

  1. August 9 – 14, 2021
  2. Cost: $250
  3. If your student can only attend one camp this summer, this is the one (I hope your student can go on multiple trips!!!). We will go to the Hokey Pokey Ranch and then go out on daily adventures. The Ranch is a 5-star retreat near Fort Collins, Colorado. Our daily adventures will include a rafting trip on the Poudre River, day hike at Vedauvoo, Wyoming, day hike at Medicine Bow Range in Wyoming and a service project at the ranch. This trip is for High School students (grades 9-12).

Parents: We will have fundraising opportunities to offset costs for camps. Also, if students have garage sale credit from years past, that money can be applied to 2021 camps and retreats. Cost will never be a hinderance for a student to attend camp. Questions? Email Marshall Robb –