Compass Workshops

Compass Workshops


How do we pursue Christ in a post-christian world? How do we help others encounter the transforming power of the good news that there is a God who loves them? Compass Workshops are eight week learning environments beginning August 18th, where we engage purposeful spiritual formation for men and women seeking to follow Jesus in the real world.

DISCIPLESHIP EXPLORED - What does it mean to live as a Christian in today's world? What does it look like to be transformed by Christ, or to live as Christ?  Discipleship Explored is a workshop based on the book of Philippians, and invites us on a journey to discover a new way of living, centered on the incredible love of Jesus.

THE BOOK OF MATTHEW: MAKING CONNECTIONS - We need help in understanding the beauty and depth of God's Word. It's common to feel stuck or frustrated. This workshop will use the Gospel of Matthew to help participants become familiar with various methods and tools to take their time in the Word to a deeper level. Come discover, connect some dots, and see a greater picture of God's beautiful Word.

GROWTH TRACK - What does it mean, and why is it important to be connected to a local church?  How do I understand my place in the mission God has given the church?  What are Spiritual Gifts and how do they interact with my personality?  What are the unique opportunities God has prepared for me to engage in, and how do I take the first step towards realizing my purpose? Growth Track is a workshop where we will discuss who we are as a church, the mission God has given us, and how each of us is uniquely gifted to play a crucial role in that mission.