Our Church’s Vision

Our Vision

The vision of Compass Church is to be a place where Christ’s love is at work changing lives through the power of the Holy Spirit to the glory of God.


Surrender to God

Christ-centered Worship and Prayer
(individually and corporately)

Obedience to the Word

Servant Leadership


Connect with One Another

Authentic Fellowship

Active Membership


Proclaim the Truth of Christ

Living and Speaking the Gospel

Transformational Discipleship


When these guiding principles are in place (surrender, connect proclaim), we believe a healthy church culture will result. Specifically, we desire for each Christ follower at Compass EFC to be committed to:  1) a personal relationship with Christ, 2) a Godly character, 3) generosity, 4) redemptive relationships, 5) regular community, 6) service, 7) compassion for the lost, and 8) a Christian worldview.