Mission: Here


Compass Church owns two homes that operate as transitional housing for local families facing homelessness. In partnership with Love Columbia, these families are enrolled in the Extra Mile program where they are equipped with coaching and skill development for the purpose of eradicating debt and saving resources so they can move into permanent housing.

Many church members are involved as coaches or in the maintenance of the houses which helps share the love of Jesus one relationship at a time. As of 2022, more than twenty families have stayed in the Compass houses.



Larry and Kathy Glabe – The Navigators – part of Church Discipleship Ministry in Columbia and the surrounding areas

Jeremiah Janey – The Navigators – making disciples on the MU campus

Jordan and Macie AyersStudent Mobilization – campus directors at the University of Missouri

Rod CaseyTEI – equipping church and campus leaders with theological resources to sustain healthy faith communities

George Tluanga – planting churches among ethnic Burmese with the EFCA.

Center For Women’s Ministries – A non-profit, interdenominational ministry for women, promoting emotional and spiritual healing

International Community Church – our church plant on the University of Missouri campus to reach out to international students and their families



Steve and Kathy Austvold – EFCA Mission Mobilizers serving the North Central District

Trinity International University & Trinity Evangelical Divinity School – the EFCA seminary



Russell Weisner – educating refugees in Southeast Asia with Rocklin Global

Luke and Michelle Stannard – teaching seminary courses with MTW in Germany

Doug and Kara Coe – on staff with CRU in Russia

A family planting churches in Southeast Asia with Ethnos360*

Two families planting churches in South America with Ethnos360*

EFCA ReachGlobal – a ministry of the EFCA

*the names of missionaries with Ethnos360 are not disclosed because they are working in locations where their identities could endanger them.


Love Columbia – an organization aimed at mobilizing local churches to transform lives and communities in the name of Christ

Central Missouri Food Bank – a regional disaster and hunger relief organization

The Wardrobe – an organization serving those in need by offering gently used clothing

Coyote Hill Children’s Home – an organization providing professional, yet traditional home environments for abused and neglected children

City of Refugee - A non-profit organization created to help refugees and immigrants recover and regain control of their lives. They provide Basic Need Programs, Counseling Services, and Professional Development Opportunities for those in our community. Their goal is to equip those arriving in our community with the materials they need, as well as deeper friendships they can count on as they navigate a new life in the United States.