These are stand-alone sermons that are not part of any particular series.

Refocus: Ministry Priorities for Compass in 2020
Ed Phillips| 12/29/2019
Advent Week 4, Love
Ed Phillips| 12/22/2019
Advent Week 2 Peace
Craig Kidder| 12/08/2019
God-inspired Thanksgiving
Ed Phillips| 11/24/2019
The Rest Your Soul Needs
Craig Kidder| 01/06/2019
New Year's: Targets of Ministry For Our Church
Ed Phillips| 12/30/2018
The God Who Keeps Your End of the Bargain
Craig Kidder| 11/18/2018
Christ As King--Easter 2018
Ed Phillips| 04/01/2018
Christ As King
Ed Phillips| 03/25/2018
Transformation Through Focus
Ed Phillips| 12/31/2017
His Light Dispels Our Darkness
Ed Phillips| 12/03/2017
Give Thanks! Christ Is All!
Craig Kidder| 11/19/2017
The Good Life--Special Guest, Rod Casey
| 08/27/2017
Living a Life of Hope--Guest Scott Harris
| 08/20/2017
A Journey to Hope--guest Scott Harris
| 08/13/2017
First Things First
Matt Webel| 08/06/2017
Guest--Jim Downing, Following Christ For A Lifetime
| 04/23/2017
Easter 2017
Ed Phillips| 04/16/2017
Living Our Story Within His Story; Make Your Years Count
Ed Phillips| 01/01/2017
Missions Sunday--Various Missionaries
| 10/16/2016
What Is The Church? Understanding Jesus' Definition of The Church
Mathew Vroman| 07/10/2016
The Work of the Spirit in the Believer's Life
Ed Phillips| 12/27/2015
Good News, Great Joy!
Matt Webel| 12/20/2015
It Is Wise to Still Seek Him
Ed Phillips| 12/13/2015
He is Real--Christmas Special
Ed Phillips| 12/06/2015
God of All, God of One
Ed Phillips| 11/22/2015
Missions Sunday, Missionary--John Fix
| 09/27/2015
The Gospel, Our Chruch, Our Money
Ed Phillips| 04/26/2015
Who Is This Jesus?
Ed Phillips| 04/05/2015
The Triumphal Entry
Kevin Warner| 03/29/2015
Honduras Missions Report
| 02/15/2015
Refocus, On Targets for The Church
Ed Phillips| 12/28/2014
Christmas Eve
Ed Phillips| 12/24/2014
Has Christmas Taken Hold of You?
Ed Phillips| 12/21/2014
Show Us the Father
Ed Phillips| 12/07/2014
10:45, Special Guest Tad Thompson, Intentional Parenting
| 11/30/2014
Three Truths About Thankfulness
Ed Phillips| 11/23/2014
Kelli Kerley, Funeral
Ed Phillips| 11/22/2014
Missions Sunday
Ed Phillips| 11/09/2014
Special Guest, Kurt Rogers, Missionary, Animism at 9:15
| 11/09/2014
Intentional Parenting, Special guest Dr. Tad Thompson
| 10/19/2014
Intentional Parenting Afternoon Seminar - Tad Thompson, Part 1
| 10/19/2014
Intentional Parenting Afternoon Seminar - Tad Thompson, Part 2
| 10/19/2014
The Dead Live
Matt Webel| 08/10/2014
From Milk to Solid Food
Kevin Warner| 07/27/2014
Special Guest, Dave Capron
David Capron| 06/29/2014
Glorious Interruption
Ed Phillips| 12/08/2013
Keeping the Heart of the Matter at the Heart of the Matter
Ed Phillips| 09/01/2013
I Am a Missionary
Faith, A Spiritual Fitness Plan- Guest Dave Brunn
Dave Brunn| 05/19/2013
Bible Study with Parents/Youth--Dr. Rob Reinow
Dr. Rob Reinow| 02/24/2013
Your Family and God's Plan for the World--Dr. Rob Reinow
Dr. Rob Reinow| 02/24/2013
Honduras Missions Trip Update
| 01/20/2013
Knowledge of God's Character Leads to a Life of Humility
Kevin Warner| 12/16/2012
God Has Spoken In His Son
Ed Phillips| 12/09/2012
Our Gifts in the Season of Gifts
Ed Phillips| 12/02/2012
Praise and Thank the Lord
Ed Phillips| 11/18/2012
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