Thrive- Cultivating Heart Affections
Bring Holiness to Completion
Kevin Warner| 08/11/2013
Ministry That Costs Us Something and Shows Our Heart
Ed Phillips| 08/04/2013
Motivations for Being an Ambassador
Ed Phillips| 07/28/2013
As Believers, The Old Has Gone and the New Has Come
Ed Phillips| 07/21/2013
Now or Later, Our Focus Remains the Same
Ed Phillips| 07/14/2013
We Have a Treasure While Being Clay Pots
Ed Phillips| 07/07/2013
A More Glorious Ministry
Ed Phillips| 06/30/2013
Each Person Is a Letter of Christ
Ed Phillips| 06/23/2013
There Is an Aroma of Life and Death; How Do You Smell?
Kevin Warner| 06/16/2013
Satan's Greatest Scheme
Ed Phillips| 06/09/2013
Living In the Hope of Redemptive Purpose
Ed Phillips| 06/02/2013
Sweet Fruit From a Thorny Tree
Ed Phillips| 05/26/2013
Being Directed By the Spirit of God
Ed Phillips| 05/12/2013
We Must Get Servanthood Right
Ed Phillips| 05/05/2013
Direct Your Prayers to Heaven
Ed Phillips| 04/28/2013
The Word of God
Ed Phillips| 04/21/2013
Ed Phillips| 04/14/2013
Return and Be Returned
Kevin Warner| 04/07/2013
The Prodigal Son
Ed Phillips| 03/31/2013
Reap Unfailing Love With Acknowledgent
Ed Phillips| 03/17/2013
Reap the Fruit of Unfailing Love By Responding to God in Love
Ed Phillips| 03/10/2013
Reaping Unfailing Love in our Imperfect Faithfulness
Ed Phillips| 03/03/2013
God's Love for His People
Ed Phillips| 02/17/2013
God's Love Must Not Be Rejected
Ed Phillips| 02/10/2013
The Heart is Still the Heart of the Matter
Ed Phillips| 01/27/2013
As Our Hearts Turn, So Turn Our Lives
Ed Phillips| 01/13/2013
Our Affection for God in View of His Mercy
Ed Phillips| 01/06/2013
The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Man
Ed Phillips| 12/30/2012
Christ's Birth Changes Our Broken Lives and World
Ed Phillips| 12/23/2012
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