Three Good Things

From April 12, 2021

The past 14 months have been tough. We’ve seen an intense rise in depression, anxiety, and isolation. Churches have been hit hard with closures and critiques, and there’s a general sense of disconnect among people who, pre-Covid, enjoyed close fellowship each week.

In this hot mess of a moment I’d like to borrow a gratitude practice of highlighting three good things that I’ve encountered and bring them to your attention, because, frankly, good news can be hard to come by. But the truth is that, here at Compass, good things are happening. And they’re happening each week. Here’s just a few good things that happened in and through Compass in the past seven days:

A single mom experienced the church being the hands and feet of Jesus as her Women’s Bible study group rallied around her and helped her move into her new rental home during a morning when the rain just wouldn’t quit. A college student wanting to walk with Jesus in a world whose current pulls the opposite way found an evening of refuge and friendship with a Compass family. In her words, “Compass has wisdom and I need that.” Pastor Craig spoke Gospel truth and comfort to a grieving family and their extended community declaring that their son who lived with severe Down Syndrome showcased the image of God in his display of patience and joy. Weaving a message of comfort and hope while affirming their grief, Pastor Craig proclaimed that Jesus is the path to fullness of life and joy. Amen and amen.

These are just a few moments from the past week where Compass Church was being used by Jesus to transform lives. People were loved, served, encouraged, comforted, and pointed to Jesus. Life in community is messy and the backstory of each of these good things is complicated and nuanced, but the call is simple. Love one another. And friends, I see it happening.

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Molly Bottorff

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